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Portfolio (coming soon...)

My portfolio shows the various projects I have completed in recent years. The works mainly focus on the following four types of themes. Please check my contact information and get in touch with me.

User Centric Design


In order to make users’ life more convenient, I not only pay attention to the design of UX and UI, but also pay attention to the combination of hardware and IoT. Furthermore, inside my projects, providing solutions for user needs and pain points was always a design priority. 
Sustainable Design


Sustainable design has become a popular topic in contemporary world, so I often pay attention to this issue in my design. Not only on material selection, but also on manufacturing process. Additionally, I pay close attention to SDGs in my design. 
Wellbeing & Health Design


Medical related design is a theme that I have been paying attention to. Everyone will be faced with some sort of health issue in their life. Thus, this is the topic that needed more in depth researches. 
Special Groups


As a designer, it is important to pay attention to the small groups. For example, I pay attention to the happiness of pregnant women and people living alone or singles, etc. 



This project won the iF design talent award in May 2021, which focused on SDGs goal 6. Product design cooperated with NASA.

Industrial design/ User centric design & User experience



This work was exhibited at Stockholm Design Week 2019 and Malmö Design Museum 2020, and it was mainly a sustainable design based on the premise of exploring environmental protection. It includes design research, product design, CNC processing, and finished product manufacturing. 

2020-Transparency-AQUA-Yujun_Yan-1 - Copy.jpg
Industrial design/ Design manufacturing/ Unconscious user behavior/
Sustainable design
box new.png



​A word game for improving children’s language skills. This is an educational boardgame design project, which includes branding design, design strategy, user experience desgin and package design.

Design strategy/ Branding design/ Spacial group/ Sustainable design



CLICKCAR is an environmental friendly toy that educates toddlers from 19 to 21 months of age to recognize different cars by matching one to four modular blocks.

Artboard 1-2.jpg
Industrial design/ Spacial group/ Sustainable design
Asset 31.png
UX & UI Design/ Branding design/ IoT



This project cooperated with SONY, which based on IoT system and user experience design. It is mainly aimed at the various problems of medical treatment under the outbreak of the epidemic, even if it is far away, people could get the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine remotely.



Tap is a short-term project, which be finished during Yujun's Industrial Designer position in Chengdu.

闫 - 副本 (3) - 副本.png
Industrial design/ CAD/ CMF


UNOPS Branding

This project includes several links to the published works, which Yujun had participated in. Most of the works Yujun Participated with were official projects which could not be showed.

Icon Design/ Branding design
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